Working With You

We succeed through people

- not around them


Collaboration is the key to the success of any joint initiative. Like you, SlickStone knows that an effective team is more than the sum of its parts – it is the collective spirit and momentum that the team is able to generate that drives results. We get to know your team and buddy them up with people help them succeed and grow as individuals, becoming increasingly valuable to your organisation as they learn during the transformation process.



In the early stages, this means blending the different skills and experience that you and SlickStone bring to the table:

  • SlickStone provide the experience of having transformed and mobilised many times. We provide the delivery expertise to drive performance through the whole team, galvanising your staff to focus on the program and deliver timely results
  • You possess a huge amount of industry knowledge, understanding of your own business and subject matter expertise. This is essential to changing business operations and to ensure that solutions built meet business needs

The result of this team blending is a set of people synergies and a team spirit that allow the team to quickly build momentum. The team works together to agree which challenges should be prioritised and which solution options will work best within your culture.

As the team works through the analysis and design phase of any change program, the SlickStone approach builds:

  • Focus: on what is important with clear value-driven priorities creating an environment of concentration on excellence
  • Expectations: are set early and managed by the whole team with a consistent set of communications. Stakeholders are constantly embraced and informed
  • Control: over the delivery of the program benefits is best exercised by a culture spreading thematically throughout the team from the very start
  • Risk Management: is another theme that is team-wide, concentrating on avoiding risks and mitigating them prior to them becoming issues. Read about our ‘Advanced Warning’ approach elsewhere
  • Results: an orientation towards prioritised, valuable results will drive any team towards success. Every day, the team is asked to be clear about that day’s activities and how they are contributing towards rapid results generation

As we move in to delivery our approach means leading, coaching and mentoring more than it does managing. That is, we succeed through people not around them, encouraging them to express themselves and contribute to the overall objectives of the team as well as their own personal ones. Key to this are:

  • Ownership: a culture of taking ownership for the tasks that you need to do permeates throughout the team. A group that knows that everyone will take ownership is the basis for one which is high-performing and result-oriented
  • Accountability: with ownership comes accountability – a preparedness to take difficult decisions and promote clear recommendations and then to deliver to expectations is critical to the culture of a delivery program.
  • Coaching: the style of support we give people is to coach them to take on tasks, ask questions, challenge assumptions and being prepared to learn from mistakes and successes
  • Mentoring: is used when there are particular staff moving into positions that they have never operated in previously or feel uncomfortable about. We help them to succeed and learn through others
  • Developing People: the best time to develop people is when they are put in challenging situations and transformative change is amongst the most challenging that someone will face in a working environment. Where you have leaders of the future, a transformation programme is a wonderful opportunity for them

In the end, we celebrate the success associated with a job well done in the same way as we undertook the program – as a team.

To find out how you can benefit from our approach to Transformation and Digital Mobility please contact SlickStone to speak to one of our expert transformative change consultants.