Of course, all the great strategies flounder if you cannot implement them successful. As you would expect, SlickStone has a wealth of proven methods, skill, and most importantly people with the right attitude and mind set to help you deliver. We know that expertise in program definition and execution are crucial to producing successful results so where you have these skills our team works alongside you to build and maintain momentum. Where you do not have these capabilities, SickStone will put a team together that can quickly establish an implementation program using proven governance, tools and methods.

We have a simple model that we find applies to every situation:


At the strategic level SlickStone will help you to:

  • Bring everyone onto the same page by agreeing the nature of the opportunity
  • Challenge the situation with the benefit of global business transformation expertise
  • Apply innovative thinking to generate maximum value by addressing the situation

The result of this is a strategic, creative approach to business change which prioritises the most valuable components and features and promotes the most value-adding, innovative features. The production of a sequenced ‘Transformation Road Map’ provides and agile, flexible mechanism to both manage and communicate the resulting program of change.

As we work with you to evaluate your strategy and construct the program we put our ‘Digital Mobility’ hats on and:

  • Drive the opportunity for mobility and digital benefits out of your business model
  • Quantify the benefits realisation potential and plan for Digital Mobility, generating strong stakeholder support
  • Using agile methods to build solutions which achieve the benefits for your business as quickly as possible

An outcome of this approach is typically that you see opportunities to take existing processes and optimise them for customers, staff and users. The ‘benefits of digital mobility’ are made clear and you can add the initiatives to achieve them to your ‘Transformation Road Map’.

SlickStone will always help you to define the Program with enough rigour to create certainty about planning horizons, timescales and outcomes. We also ensure you have scope for change – large transformations commonly span multiple years so there needs to be room to adapt as your business environment changes. Some techniques we apply to the definition are:

  • People make the difference between program success and failure – building the right team is essential so we make sure that the skills, experience and commitment of the team members is right, collectively and individually
  • Governance will be ‘Light but Tight’ to fit into your existing processes with a strong risk mitigation emphasis once things are up and running. Risk management is the most effective tool in a Project Manager’s armoury.
  • Delivery structures are set up for success from the outset, with proven methods, processes and tools that we have used successfully many times before

When executing the resulting program it is important that key themes run through the everyday activities of the team:

  • Benefits-led feature prioritisation generates the highest value early, and brings the realisation plan to life
  • Flexibility is retained to allow your business to change its needs as your customers or stakeholders demand it
  • Rigour is applied to govern and control all solutions to ensure high quality results and a right 1st time mentality
  • Fostering a creative culture is important when delivering any change or transformation programme. People need to be allowed to challenge and innovate, coming up with improved solution options, enhanced results whilst sticking to the timetables and budgets

Implementation requires that the team takes an end-to-end delivery perspective, with SlickStone supporting you through all stages of your Transformation Road Map. We help you to leverage emerging technologies to improve the efficiency of your operations and embrace digital mobility within your business. And our extensive transformation experience means that we can help you to avoid the common mistakes that many companies make when attempting complex, transformative change.

Find out more about the Transformation Road Map:

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To find out how you can benefit from our approach to Transformation and Digital Mobility please contact SlickStone to speak to one of our expert transformative change consultants.