At SlickStone we use our extensive experience of business and IT Transformation to harness the opportunities that a digital mobility strategy presents to your organization. While helping you transform your business we help to identify value-adding mobility strategies and support you with the skills and experience to execute them.

As well as the benefits you gain through an effective transformation programme, SlickStone enhances those benefits by helping you gain mobility and flexibility at the same time.


How we approach Digital Mobility?



SlickStone possesses a proven approach to Digital Mobility directly derived from our business transformation and agile IT development experiences.

  • During the review of your business strategy, or current pain points, we drive out opportunities for Digital Mobility.
  • Once everyone understands the opportunity and how we shall approach its realisation we build a team with all of the skills required to quickly and successfully design and deliver the solutions you need
  • Agile development is the key to building and maintaining robust mobile and web apps. Feature Driven Development (FDD) enables you to prioritise by value, designing and building for a compelling user experience
  • And, of course, the reason we do any of this is to achieve results. You get the benefits of Digital Mobility (see below) and an ability to continually drip-feed new features into the solutions quickly and easily we and when you need to


What are the benefits of building your Digital Mobility Strategy with SlickStone?

Easy to do business with

Going digital empowers people and process through the web and the mobile devices people carry with them every day. People expect to be able to do business with you through mobile channels and the push is continual to engage people in a compelling way.


The flexibility you gain to be able to make changes quickly and in an impactful manner. Mobile and web apps are inherently easier to change and deploy than enterprise apps. They are also geared specifically to making the user processes as simple and intuitive as possible which, in turn, fosters greater flexibility through simplicity.

People empowerment

People are empowered via digital mobility: your customers, suppliers and employees. All can use devices that they carry with them every day to perform key business processes anytime, anywhere.

Speed to market

The speed to market you can achieve through digital mobility is impressive. Can you imagine a world where you dream up a change today and implement it tomorrow? That is the mobility world where the power of process is in the hands if the users, not the timetable of your IT function.

Simplifies business operations

One of the beauties of mobile technology is that it needs to be simple in order to be effective. This shifts the paradigm of process design and execution where you are truly forced to design for the most usable experience and traditional boundaries are knocked down as a result.

Reduced reliance on IT

Reduced reliance on IT comes through commoditizing the enterprise IT landscape. Simplifying the provision of IT to people greatly reduces the need for corporate IT facilities and lengthy project timescales.

Reduces operating costs

Reduced operating costs result from people having access to process as they need it and through channels which make that process simple and easy to use. IT costs also reduce in line with the simplification of the IT landscape, further driving down your cost base.

Productivity improvement

The design of processes for mobile and web drives customer interactions to simplicity and to a valuable experience for the customer. Simplifying the front-end of a process affords you the opportunity to continue that simplification down-stream, driving productivity enhancements. If people can access the solutions they need anywhere, anytime, then productivity improvement also naturally follows.


How do we approach Transformative Business Change?


We approach Digital Mobility from the perspective of Business Transformation because it is typically a desire for change within a company, organisation or institution which highlights the need for digitally enhanced processes and solutions. Therefore, as we discuss the opportunities your business is seeking to realised, the challenges you face as a business, or the pain points which affect your function we not only assess how best to help you move forwards but any opportunities for leveraging digital options.

To find out more about our approach to Transformative Change and how this dovetails with Digital mobility please visit our ‘Implementation’ page