Who We Are

SlickStone is a British-Tunisian company combining skills and experience from diverse backgrounds and best in class international expertise. We are:

  • Business transformation experts
  • Mobile strategy experts
  • Sales professionals
  • Certified program and project managers in Agile and Waterfall methodologies
  • Mobile and enterprise app development experts
  • User experience and design experts
  • Business and Information architects

We inspire people to rethink the way business gets done. We achieve this through collaborative, challenging practices and the breadth and depth of the skills of our people. Our vast array of international, cross-industry sector talent provides us with the ability to look at your opportunities and challenges through a very different lens. The results are different perspectives, new ways of thinking and innovative approaches from other industries which will work in yours.


SlickStone takes the vision you have for your own business, applies our knowledge, experience and perspectives and helps you transform to become a stronger entity for the future. To find out more about how we approach Transformative Business Consulting and Digital Mobility please investigate the rest of our site or contact SlickStone  to speak to one of our expert transformative change consultants.

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Who are you likely to be?

Our customers come from a wide range of geographies, industry sectors and institutions. However, you can typically identify yourself as a SlickStone customer if you possess one or more of the following characteristics:


If you have a strategic outlook and want to develop an effective business strategy, either for growth or improved performance then SlickStone are the company for you. We can help you to develop a strategy at either a business or functional level and advise you on the construction of your Operating Model.


You are actively pursuing growth and need commercial skills to scale business operations, or program and project management expertise to deliver your project portfolio. SlickStone can partner with you to define and execute the programs and projects needed to execute your growth strategy. We also have the expertise to build the Governance and reporting structures required to run large-scale portfolios of growth and change.


The more proactive you are the more SlickStone can help you. Our advisory practice is geared to working with you to look ahead, analyse market opportunities and deliver them before others realise their potential. Our ‘Advanced Warning’ approach to delivering change is also perfectly suited to identifying threats and preventing them crystallising as risks to protect your business.

Undertaking major business transformation

If you are gearing up for a significant business change SlickStone are a natural port of call. Our transformation experts help all sizes and complexities of business undertake transformation programs using our tried and tested approaches and methods.

Digital Mobility

When you are changing your business, thinking about your products, services, customers, suppliers or staff then think ‘Digital Mobility. Then think SlickStone! We are the company best positioned to help you take great business ideas and convert them into realisable user experiences through web and mobile apps. Unlike other companies that only build apps SlickStone has an acute understanding of how businesses and people operate, helping us to design and build the solutions you need to mobilise and galvanise people.

Striving for efficiency

All organisations need to operate efficiently and effectively. Our transformation team possess the strategic outlook, extensive process reengineering, organisational design, performance management and outsourcing skills necessary to drive any organisation towards efficient operations without, crucially, impairing the business’ ability to thrive.

Benefit from a fresh, independent perspective

You will have heard the old saying, ‘For the first three months you are part of the solution. After that, you’re part of the problem!’ Whilst the time period may be questionable, it is true to say that we all benefit from the perspectives of others from time to time. SlickStone are experts at providing independent advice and perspectives on all your change, transformation and operational needs, challenging you to outperform your competitors and deliver successful results.

To find out how you can benefit from our approach to Transformation and Digital Mobility please contact SlickStone to speak to one of our expert transformative change consultants.