Why Mobility?

The opportunity that digital mobility provides your company should be harnessed effectively as you transform or change.

The wide range of benefits that you should aim to access through digital mobility are:

  • Mobility makes your business easy to do business with
  • The flexibility you gain to be able to make changes quickly and impactfully
  • People are empowered via digital mobility: your customers, suppliers and employees
  • The speed to market you can achieve through digital mobility are impressive.
  • Imagine a world where you dream up a change today and implement it tomorrow.
  • Simplification of business operations takes place through providing solutions to people anywhere, anytime
  • Reduced reliance on IT comes through commoditizing the enterprise IT landscape. Simplifying the provision of IT to people greatly reduces the need for corporate IT facilities and lengthy project timescales
  • Reduced operating costs result from people having access to process as they need it. IT costs also reduce in line with the simplification of the IT landscape
  • If people can access the solutions they need anywhere, anytime, then productivity improvement naturally follows


Mobility Strategy


1. Reach people: Mobile growth continues to exert its grip across the globe. Every day new apps are being released and we have reached a point where all of us simply expect there ‘to be an app for that’.
All businesses need to embrace mobile as staff and customers bring their own device to work and expect to be able to use it to do business with you – as a consumer and as representatives of their business.
There is no ‘near future’ for the apps market – everything has already happened of or is under way. The questions is – Are you ready for it?…read more…

Future IT

Will Digital Mobility Make IT Irrelevant?

The increasing power of mobile devices and the expectations of their users are completely changing the perspectives about IT in the workplace. Enterprises have to come to terms with not only powerful new super computing capabilities in the Cloud and advances in areas such as Big Data and BYOD. but also mobile and hosted applications that provide IT services using a direct-to-consumer model. These points are the biggest danger to traditional enterprise IT functions at the same time as being the biggest opportunities for businesses…read more…