Transformative Consulting

Our Approaches to Transformation

At SlickStone we believe in applying the simplest techniques in support of the best people to create outstanding business transformation results. Whether you need to integrate, separate or simply change your business our experts are on hand to guide you smoothly through the process. Our vast experience gained in some of the world’s largest, most successful companies helps you to maximize your return on investment and avoid the common causes of pain that other organizations experience whilst transforming.

Operating Model

Using an Operating Model to Transform

An Operating Model is a representation of your business that helps you to understand, improve and optimise how your business functions and interacts with its environment. Building and assessing an Operating Model can be a complex business and many such exercises consume months of activity at significant cost without resulting in something of genuine business value. Taking a proven approach[…] read more[…]

Advanced Warning

Transformative change is about managing risk

Change carries with it an implied level of risk. Simply by attempting to make things different you risk: Delivering products and services which are not as popular as previously, Displeasing customers and suppliers, Alienating people, Breaking things that currently work, Falling foul of public perception, regulators or government and, many other things. You pursue change because there are upsides and […] read more[…]

Why do people fear change?

I need to change. Everyone will understand, right?

When you have established a burning platform for change it is important to recognise that the very nature of people could lead to them resisting it. Just because the drivers of change constitute an imperative in your mind, that is a long way from it becoming […] read more[…]