About Us

About SlickStone

SlickStone started life in 2014 as a company which believes passionately in helping our customers to transform their businesses successfully. We do this by providing global expertise in delivering successful, strategic, game-changing business transformation. And now there is more opportunity in the transformation journey than ever before – the wide-scale adoption of mobile technologies makes it easier to serve your customers, manage your supply chain, conduct efficient business operations and change your business successfully. As part of helping your business to meet the competitive challenges of the day, we help you devise digital mobility strategies that ensure you maximise the return on investment you make in changing your business.

SlickStone is the company which helps your business do business.

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Who we are?

We are a British-Tunisian company with a diverse background and best in class international expertise:

  • Business transformation experts
  • Mobile app strategy experts
  • Certified project managers
  • App development experts
  • User experience and design experts
  • Business and Information architects

What we do?

  • Transformative business consulting
  • Design and implement your enterprise mobile app strategy
  • Create apps to drive innovation in your business

Our Value

  • We provide first class international transformation consultants
  • We combine international expertise with local knowledge to understand enterprise culture and needs
  • We inspire business to rethink internal IT by designing an innovative mobile app strategies
  • We improve your customer user experience and your employee performance through mobility
  • We provide tailored apps to give you competitive advantage

We would be delighted to talk to you about how SlickStone can help you transform your business through change and mobility.

Please contact us via:

Email: info@slickstone.co.uk

Address: Rue du Lac Léman, Les Berges du Lac 1053 Tunis