We are SlickStone

SlickStone is a strategic advisory company specialising in enterprise mobility and transformation. 

SlickStone started life in 2014 as a company which believes passionately in helping our customers to transform their businesses successfully. We do this by providing global expertise in delivering successful, strategic, game-changing business transformation. And now there is more opportunity in the transformation journey than ever before – the wide-scale adoption of mobile technologies makes it easier to serve your customers, manage your supply chain, conduct efficient business operations and change your business successfully. As part of helping your business to meet the competitive challenges of the day, we help you devise digital mobility strategies that ensure you maximise the return on investment you make in changing your business. SlickStone is the company which helps your business do business.

What do you gain by working with SlickStone?

  • Innovation and insight from our professional consultant who have experience of solving problems across industries and geographies
  • Growth and efficiency we help you identify and realise market and operating opportunities to achieve cost-effective growth
  • A new, digital way of looking at the enterprise our team helps you realise the potential of the shift to enterprise mobile apps, from concept to execution.

At SlickStone we help you by

  • Listening: providing advice about your business model that helps you seize market opportunities and deal with challenging change
  • Adding Value: grabbing the potential that is the mobile, digital age and maximising it for your business
  • Acting: guiding you from strategy to execution, partnering with you to tailor and deliver change from end to end



SlickStone is a British-Tunisian company combining skills and experience from diverse backgrounds and best in class international expertise. We are Business transformation experts, Mobile strategy experts, Certified program and project managers, Mobile and enterprise app development experts...

Mobile Strategy

At SlickStone we use our extensive experience of business and IT Transformation to harness the opportunities that a digital mobility strategy presents to your organization. While helping you transform your business we help to identify value-adding mobility strategies and support you with the skills and experience to execute them...


Like you, SlickStone knows that every business challenge needs to examine a list of potential solutions. Our design experience ranges all the way from business architecture, through process reengineering, to the user experience for an individual mobile app. • At the enterprise level this means designing the optimal operating model for your business...


Of course, all the great strategies flounder if you cannot implement them successful. As you would expect, SlickStone has a wealth of proven methods, skill, and most importantly, people with the right attitude and mind set to help you deliver. We know that expertise in program definition and execution are crucial to producing successful results so where you have these skills...

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Threats to Effective Team Working

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